Download proxy

A utility to bypass blockages when downloading files

Download a file

Transformation to apply to the downloaded file

What does this transformation do?

Select a transformation to know how the proxy will process your download.

How to revert the transformation?

Select a transformation to know how to retrieve the original file after download.

This tool was designed in the sole purpose to help developers work in environment where security rules might hinder them. It should be considered a last resort solution when no other could be found in accordance with the local rules, and should be reserved to trustworthy files. Users bear sole responsibility for their usage.

What's this about?

Firewalls exist for a reason: security. However, in some structures, their configuration don't take into account the developers specific awareness and needs.

Most of the time, a workaround has been implemented (e.g. a Nexus or Artifactory for Maven dependencies), but when nothing's been done and the development teams urgently need a specific resource, the firewall becomes a hindrance rather than a help.

The first version of this tool was developed in such a context, and it has evolved since then. You can learn more on the project's information page.